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Technical Information

Fire…Importance of Initial Golden Time


Golden Time Loss of responding time Arrival of Fire Engine

There exists golden time even when fire breaks out.
It burns only at the point of ignition.
Optimum fire response time.

Expansion of burning area
Expansion of moke/poisonous gas, Occurrence of loss of lives.

Entering the stage of complete destruction by fire.
Occurrence of serious loss of lives/ damage to property.


General Fire Extinguisher in Case of Fire

item-fire-extinguisher-2.png Damage to adjacent facility: Serious damage to adjacent furniture, facility due to minute powder.
Limited fire fighting ability: It cannot be used in case of “K” grade fire, like cooking oil fire.
Poor spray: Powder cannot be used in case that it is hardened.
Heavy and complicated method: It is difficult to use for child, the elderly and infirm, woman and the disabled.
Obstructing one’s view: It obstructs escape when fire breaks out, because powder blocks one’s view.
Placement at long distance: Fails in initial response because of placement at long distance from source of fire


Efficiency of CTRL F Portable Extinguisher Spray 

ctrl-f-product-page-3.png Initial quick response

Quick fire fighting is possible at initial stage because it can be kept at short distance, like residential space.

Easy method of use

Being spray type, it can be used easily by anyone, like child or elderly person.

The highest fire fighting ability

Strengthening liquid fire extinguisher being used, it is possible to extinguish cooking oil fire which cannot be extinguished by other fire extinguisher.


Characteristic of CTRL F Portable Extinguisher Spray


● It can suppress fire most safely and promptly at initial stage of fire (golden time).
● Being spray type, it can be used easily by anyone, like child, the elderly and infirm and housewife
● It can be kept at near distance from fire, like kitchen, living room and vehicle, camping area.
● Periodic check or shaking is not necessary during storage.


● Being fire extinguisher manufactured by strengthening liquid in liquid type, it has excellent fire extinguishing ability.
● Even though it is fire extinguishing agent in liquid type, it is not frozen when kept in vehicle or outdoors as freezing point is -20°C.
● Exclusive nozzle/valve being used, it maintains efficient spray angle/ amount of spray/ spray distance when fire breaks out.


● It has excellent durability because of no corrosion as aluminum can is used.
● It is safe when kept even at high temperature because resistant pressure of can is approx. 18kgf/cm² (common can: 13kgf/cm²).
● Nitrogen gas being used, there is no risk of explosion in vehicle during summer season.



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