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It is now essential for common households to have class F fire extinguisher near house kitchen area to protect from Cooking oil fires. Wet Chemical - Class F Specialist Hot Cooking Oil Fires
Class F Extiguishers are suitable for cooking oils and fats, such as the cooking oils and fats usually found in industrial kitchens etc. New class specifically dealing with high temperature cooking oils used in large industrial catering kitchens, restaurants.
It is now essential for common households to have class F fire extinguisher near house kitchen area to protect from Cooking oil fires.




fire-of-oil-stove.png fire-on-fryer.png fire-on-curtain.png fire-on-car-2.png fire-on-wastebasket.png fire-on-cushion.png
Fire of oil stove Fire on fryer Fire on curtain Fire on car Fire on wastebasket Fire on cushion


Comparative Advantage of CTRL F System

20160421-144358-s.jpgexclusively for fire
● Nozzle is used which is exclusively for fire extinguisher
● Optimal spray angle/ amount of spray / spray distance in case of fire
Comparison: Straight line type spray like water gun, when common nozzle is used instead of nozzle for fire extinguisher
Aluminum material can
● No corrosion because of aluminum material
● Comparative advantage in safety, 18kgf/cm² of resistant pressure
Comparison: There is possibility that fire extinguishing agent may leak because iron can may be rusted at bonding area. Resistant pressure of iron can is 13kgf/cm², which causes high risk of explosion.
Valve exclusively for fire extinguisher
● Valve is used which is exclusively for fire extinguisher
● It is designed for optimal fluid flow for fire extinguisher.
Comparison: Fluid flow cannot be optimal and amount of spray differs, depending on pressure, when common valve is used instead of that for fire extinguisher.
390g of fire extinguishing agent
● Sufficient amount for initial fire fighting
● Strengthening liquid with the highest fire extinguishing ability (Freezing point of agent: -20°C)
Comparison: Fire extinguishing agent manufactured by other company-less than 350g. Gas with poor fire extinguishing ability and wetting agent that can be frozen at low temperature (freezing point: -0°C) is used.


Comparison on Competitiveness with Similar Product

Classificationctrl-f-logo-s.jpgWetting AgentGas Type
Fire extinguishing agent Reinforced Liquid (Strengthening Liquid) Liquid (WettingAgent) Gas (HCFC-123)
Characteristic of system Valve and nozzle applied which is exclusively for fire extinguisher Nozzle being applied which is for air conditioner cleaning agent Common iron can applied
Type of spray and distance Maintains effective angle for spray 3-4m Straight line spray like water gun 2-3m Gas type spray 1m
Freezing point -20℃ 0℃ -20℃
Fire extinguishing ability ● Veryexcellent ability
● No backfire in putting out of cooking oil fire
● Poor ability
● Serious back fire phenomenon in case of cooking oil fire
● Bad ability
● Cannot suppress cooking oil fire at all



● Extinguishing time: Within 3 seconds

● No Backfire

● Extinguishing time: Within 7 seconds

● Possibility of No Backfire


● Fails in fire fighting due to No Backfire




Korean National Measurement StandardsTest for frying oil, curtain, wastebasket, sitting cushion
Dimension Exterior Dimension Ø 59mmx H 235mm
Weight Total Weight 480 g
Net Weight 390 g
Pressure Internal Pressure / Filling Gas Less than 8kgf / ㎠ / Nitrogen
for Spray
Spray Distance More than 3meter
Spraying Time 18 sec
Container Quality of Material / Thickness Aluminum / 0.5mm
External Diameter / Overall Height Ø 59mmx H 235mm
Resistant Pressure 18 kgf / ㎠
Nozzle Structure Airsol type / for fire extinguisher
Actuating Force Less than 3.0 N
Valve Quality of Material ALU
Structure 1 inch standard valve for extinguisher
Impact Impact Resistance Vertical and horizontal impact of more than 2 meters
Fire Extinguishing Agent Freezing Point Less than -20 ℃
Density of Hydrogen Ion 8.50
Surface Tension Less than 17.5
Specific Gravity 1.125



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